UNSW Class Size Search is a resource for investigating changes to class enrolment and capacity sizes at UNSW.

The searches collate and filter class size data that is madepublically available on the UNSW website. We accessed the data in July 2020 and the data dates back to 2017.

The searches are designed to help users compare changes to class enrolments and capacity across time. All enrolment and capacity numbers are calculated as averages across all classes. Capacity change percentages represent the degree to which the average class capacity has increased or decreased compared with when the course previously ran.

Because the searches are primarily about comparing changes to class sizes, each search filters out records for ‘Course enrolment’, ‘Lecture’, ‘Web Delivery’, and ‘Other’. This filter is indicated at the top of each search.

We cannot make any guarantees as to the accuracy of numbers. While we have been careful not to distort the available data, the accuracy of the figures is dependent on what UNSW has made available.

There are some course codes that fail to return search results. If this is case for a course that you are interested in it is likely because the class size data for that course was not made available on the UNSW website. While the record is incomplete, we believe that the snapshots that we can offer provide a valuable picture of class size trends across UNSW.

The source data is rather messy, even with the previous mentioned filters applied. While we have done our best to make the search results legible, we advise against reading search results at face value. We suggest looking at further information to understand what has occurred in each specific context.

We are very much interested in hearing about interesting trends within different subjects and classes, as well as feedback on how we might improve the UNSW Class Size Search.

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